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  1. Start
  2. Introduction
  3. Installing Module
  4. Upcoming Product Settings Page And Front View
  5. How To Creat A Upcoming Product
  6. Automatic Add Upcoming Product
  7. Product Delete
  8. Multiple Languages
  9. Multiple Shops
  10. Product Subscription Tab/Menu
  11. Customer Side/Front Office

01 Start

created: 31st October 2015

by: discovernanosoft


02 Introduction

Upcoming Product is a module for Prestashop.This module can show upcoming product at your shop and automatically add product to new product list when upcoming product will be available.Now your coming soon product will be shown your Prestashop site and customer will know about your upcoming products.Customers can also subscribe for product available notification.Attract customer by adding upcoming product and increase your sale.

03 Installing Module

  • To install Upcoming Product module at your shop.Click module menu at your shop backoffice menu bar.
  • Then click “add new module” button

  • Upload “” module zip file from your local computer and click upload this module

  • Your Upcoming Product module will appear modules list. Now click on “install” button to install this module.

  • After Upcoming Product module installed successfully you will see success message. Now you can see a Settings page and Upcoming Product menu with two submenu in your back office.


04 Upcoming Product Settings Page And Front View

After successfully installed you will see a settings page.Here you can change your upcoming products settings.

For Display Left:


For Display Right:


For Display Product Page:

For Display Products As Popup:

For People Who Subscribed:




05 How To Creat A Upcoming Product

  • How to creat upcoming product from back office.

Go to  Upcoming Product menu from your admin back office and click ADD NEW.


Fill up the required field and non required field  and save.


Your upcoming product is added.

Now go to your shop front office you can see your upcoming product.

  • How to fill up upcoming product field from back office.

Product Name :upcoming product name.

Sort Description:upcoming product Sort Description.

Description:For more details Just write your upcoming product Description.

Link Rewrite:Auto fill.

Image:Click Add file button for add image file.You can also delete image by click delete and replace existing image file by click Add file.


Product Price: upcoming product price.

Currency: select currency from dropdown list.

Upcoming Date:select upcoming date from date calendar.

Available Quantity: input your available product quantity.

Category: select category from dropdown list.

Upcoming Date Active: choose YES or  NO.if you chose YES upcoming date will work and chose NO upcoming date will not work.


Enabled/Disabled: if chose Enabled upcoming product will show and active if chose Disabled upcoming product will not show and inactive.


06 Automatic Add Upcoming Product

Yes your upcoming product automatically add your main product list as new arrivals. When your upcoming products upcoming date will available this function run automatically and send a product available email to you automatically.

How to check that your automatic function is working fine

  • Go to your admin site>Upcoming Product Menu>edit
  • And select upcoming Date as current date and Upcoming Date Active YES and save.

Note:This manualy process only check the automatic function is working fine.main process similar like this but automatic fully.

  • Go to your shop and refresh the home page you will see your upcoming product is showing empty and NEW ARRIVALS tab is showing your product.

  • *Check your email (The e-mail you have used for admin login).You can see which upcoming product has been available and how many subscription  for this product.

Upcoming product Available

When your upcoming product has been available.


Product menu

Now go to your product menu you will see your new product.


07 Product Delete

When your upcoming product has been available.

  • If you want to extend your product upcoming date you have to delete first this product from your back office Catalog>Products.


08 Multiple Languages

Yes this upcoming product module support multi languages.

09 Multiple Shops

Yes this upcoming product prestashop module support multi shops.

10 Product Subscription Tab/Menu

From back office go to Upcoming Product>Product Subscription

You can see which customer subscribed which product.Here you can delete list by click delete button.

11 Customer Side/Front Office

From your shop, customers know about your upcoming product.

  • customers will know more about this upcoming product and can subscribe by clicking this Notify Me When This Product will Available button.

  • *For subscription, customer must sign in.
  • After click Notify Me When This Product will Available button customer will see a pop up window, here this subscription details will be shown.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to customer email, after successfully subscribed .
  • Customer can see which people and how many people subscribed this product from this tab PEOPLE WHO SUBSCRIBED TO THIS PRODUCT